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Valvemaster Plus - 3 in 1 Formula - 250ml

(1770A) Valvemaster Plus - 3 in 1 Formula - 250ml

Product Description

Valvemaster Plus - 3 in 1 Formula - 250ml. Economical 3 in 1 formula, one bottle treats 250 litres of fuel.

Lead replacement petrol additive enhances performance & economy, stabilises Ethanol petrol E5 & E10. Cleans and protects fuel system components.

  • Valvemaster lead replacement the best protection after lead, ultimate protection against valve seat recession, unique phosphorus formula
  • Octimise Plus friction modifier enhanced performance and economy, Increase acceleration by up to 3%, Increase economy by up to 2%
  • Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser, combats harmful effects of ethanol fuel, enables E5 & E10 use in pre-1996 vehicles, prevents corrosion in fuel system and prevents acidity in ethanol fuel


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